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About us

Maritime Support Redefined - Experts in shipping for over a century

Embark on a journey of maritime excellence with Kingston Marine, your go-to expert for ship spares deliveries, crew changes, fresh water supply at anchorage and waste removal.

Situated in the heart of Jamaica, Kingston Marine extends its services to vessels navigating the ports of Kingston, Portland Bight, and the surrounding areas.


As a family operation with a legacy spanning over a century in the shipping industry, our experience is a testament to our commitment.

Our mission is to redefine maritime support, offering tailored solutions that seamlessly blend efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With an intimate understanding of the unique needs of vessels calling the ports of Kingston and its neighboring regions, Kingston Marine stands as a trusted partner for seamless transitions and unparalleled maritime support. Whether facilitating crew changes or ensuring vessels are well-equipped with ship spares and provisions, our heritage of excellence guides our every endeavor, making us a beacon of reliability in the dynamic waters of the shipping industry.

Cargo Ship at Sea
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